Storytelling For Business: Make Money by Telling Stories

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About Course

Storytelling is an effective marketing tool that is gaining popularity among a variety of companies. A beautiful and emotive story affects the client much better than just a fact listing and boring statistics. By telling stories, you can not only create the right image, but also increase sales of a particular product or service.
In this course we will tell you how to use storytelling in business so that your stories could inspire and motivate, build trust and were informative. With our knowledge, you can easily reach the hearts of customers and get a positive response from them.
You will become a perfect storyteller, able to literally hypnotise your listener and customers will come to you again and again. Not only for buying your goods but for the values behind them.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Using stories to manage your audience and captivate their hearts
  • How to transform storytelling into the perfect instrument to reach your business goals
  • Becoming a storyteller that people want to hear again and again
  • Creating your company history and product descriptions
  • How to use storytelling to create a sales funnel
  • Methods and skills to become the perfect storyteller
  • Using text to create an attractive image for your brand
  • Storytelling techniques for social media
  • How to find relevant topics for social media posts
  • How to set up communications to guarantee consistent positive feedback

Course Content

The power of a story
Discussing the basics of storytelling. You will learn what this method is and what its advantages over other marketing tools are. We will also analyse the main storylines and situations in which they are most effective. In the additional materials you will find a small memo, that tells why it is needed to use storytelling.

Types and techniques of a storytelling
We analyse in detail the structure of a story and its types. You will learn the basic rules and techniques of storytelling and how to create a company history and a product legend. In the additional materials it is told how to overcome the fear. There is also a template for a story creation and must-have of ideal storytelling provided.

Mastering your story
Getting acquainted with 13 techniques for error-free sales and learning the main rules of writing a story for the brand. You will also learn how to create a sales funnel using digital storytelling. In the additional materials you will find a useful memo with the principles of creating a good story.

Storytelling skills
Figuring out how to use storytelling to create a company's HR brand, and how to improve your storytelling skills. In the additional materials there is a memo with the benefits of our method for HR and a number of tips to help you in finding your story.

The main character
The theme of the lesson — the main character and everything about him. You will learn how to make the buyer see himself in the main character, sympathise and empathise with him. In the additional materials you will find a checklist that will help you create a main character. There are also rules of storytelling to attract customers' attention and a guide to easily create the profile of the target audience.

A storyteller
Not only the main character is important, but also the storyteller. We’ll talk about what a brand ambassador and a fictional character should be like. In the additional materials you will find a guide that will make you a perfect storyteller.

We will discuss digital storytelling on Instagram and other social networks. We will also tell you how to find interesting topics for speaking to the audience. In addition, you will receive a visual guide with digital storytelling principles, a story review guide and a good design guide.

Customer stories
Good customer relationships are what every entrepreneur strives for. In this tutorial, you will learn how to get a good feedback and why a customer's story matters. In the additional materials, we will give a guide for collecting positive feedbacks.

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